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Andrea Mapugay

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue a residency because I wanted to utilize what I learned from my didactic and experiential learning, while also expanding my pharmaceutical knowledge and practice skills. My goal is to attain the confidence, critical thinking skills, and expertise needed to provide the best patient care. Choosing to complete a residency is the first step towards achieving those goals.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
I chose St. Joseph’s Hospital because of all the positive learning experiences I had as an intern here for the last three years. I had the opportunity to work closely with many of the preceptors and wanted to continue learning from them. The team at St. Joseph’s Hospital embodies mutual respect, support, and patience. BayCare values their pharmacists and is committed to providing every opportunity to help achieve your goals.

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Morton Plant Hospital is the first in the Tampa Bay area to offer lateral approach knee replacement surgery. This method requires a smaller incision and doesn’t cut the quadricep muscle meaning many patients have less pain and a faster recovery. https://bddy.me/3UGtLGP

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