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Ashley Miller

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
Growing up in a sport enthusiastic (aka competitive) family, striving to better yourself or your “game” was taught to me from a very young age. I knew that a post graduate pharmacy residency would be the added training that would boost my knowledge and performance as a pharmacist and allow me to better develop all of my skills.  Once I discovered my interest in ambulatory care pharmacy, it only made sense to pursue added training that built upon this passion. Many reasons went in to my decision to complete a residency but ultimately it was the fit I felt with the Turley Family Health Center staff that made me confident this route was meant for me.

Why did I choose Turley Family Health Center at BayCare?
I am not originally from Florida but the constant praise I heard from other healthcare providers and professors about Baycare hospitals inspired me to look into their pharmacy residency programs. I heard stories about the innovative techniques, devices, and medications that were being used at Baycare hospitals during my advance pharmacy practice experiences last year. I also wanted a pharmacy residency program with added experiences in ambulatory care- which Morton Plant and the Turley Family Health Center offered! After interviewing and meeting the Baycare team members, I realized this residency was a great fit for me. I knew that here I could advance my learning in a way that would make me the best pharmacist I could be and give me the foundation to pursue my career dreams.

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