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Caitlyn Critchley

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
While completing my APPE rotations, it became evident that pursuing a residency was the best fit for my specific career goals. I wanted the ability to continue to develop as a clinician as I did throughout my APPE rotations. Completing a residency program provides the amazing opportunity of being able to work with more experienced pharmacists who can help build the clinical confidence of a new graduate. Additionally, it allows me to dive deeper into a variety of fields such as critical care and management and gain knowledge and experiences in each of these content areas. To me, the exposure to such a large number of fields and opportunities so that I could continue to learn was one of the motivating factors in applying for a residency program. Ultimately, following the completion of my residency I believe that I will be a competitive applicant for future pharmacy jobs and have the background knowledge and experience to be a well trusted member of a patient’s clinical team.

Why did I choose Winter Haven Hospital at BayCare?
During my years in pharmacy school, I had the great opportunity of completing my IPPE institutional rotation at Mease Countryside Hospital and my APPE geriatrics rotation at Morton Plant Hospital. While there, every pharmacist and provider I came across was incredibly welcoming and willing to help me learn and grow as a clinician. I then knew that I wanted to find a program throughout the BayCare health system to continue to grow as I did when I was a student. Following my ambulatory care and transitions of care APPE rotations, it became evident that a career in chronic care management was a great fit for me! I wanted to find a program that would help me develop as a strong ambulatory care pharmacist while still allowing me the experiences of an inpatient pharmacist to become well versed in a variety of fields of pharmacy. Winter Haven Hospital had the perfect program that would meld both the inpatient and outpatient worlds and help me to develop into the strongest clinician I can be. After being on rotation with a former resident and speaking to the entire team throughout my interview process, I knew that I found a program that I would feel comfortable in and would allow me to flourish as a newly graduated pharmacist!

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