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Caren Azurin

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose residency because I know that a residency will allow me to ultimately reach my goal of becoming a clinical pharmacist. I would like to develop a skillset that includes strengthening my leadership skills, expanding my clinical knowledge, and developing adaptability. As the profession is growing, I would like to grow along side of it, but with confidence. I know that a residency will help me achieve that.

Why did I choose Winter Haven Hospital at BayCare?
I was fortunate to be able to do my Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotations at WHH. Not only was I able to complete every rotation that appealed to my interests, but also interact and form relationships with the previous residents and pharmacists. My time at WHH set an extremely high expectation of how autonomous residents should be treated, as well as the freedom pharmacists deserve to practice at the top of their license. My experience at WHH was unparalleled, and appealed to my future career goals perfectly.

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