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Haithuy Pham

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue postgraduate training to accelerate my patient-centered care, clinical judgement, and problem-solving skills beyond that of an entry-level pharmacist. Residencies provide ample of opportunities for new pharmacists to overcome their weaknesses, while uncovering their hidden talents or passion for certain specialties. In addition to clinical development, personal growth is just as important to me. Residencies are designed to build confidence, leadership, and innovation. My goals are to embody these qualities and find a specialty at the end of postgraduate training.

Why did I choose St. Anthony’s Hospital at BayCare?
From my very first interaction I could tell that the pharmacy team at St. Anthony’s Hospital genuinely cared for their residents. During my interview process I truly felt welcomed and at home among the team members. The preceptors displayed professionalism and enthusiasm in helping their residents navigate through their residency journey. I chose St. Anthony’s Hospital because I wanted to be a part of their altruistic culture and learn from some of the best pharmacists. I believe that I can achieve my professional and personal goals with the help and support of this team by my side.


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