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Kevin Deemer

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
After having an in-depth look at how pharmacists operate in hospitals and the caliber of individuals we collaborate with, I find it is necessary to receive at least one year of intense instruction and orientation to this complex setting. Hospital pharmacy as a profession has a very present opportunity for growth and improvement. I chose to complete a residency so that I can gain further insight into what specialty areas I want to pursue further.

Why did I choose Mease Countryside Hospital at BayCare?
Mease Countryside Hospital is full of caring, devoted, eager pharmacists. Everyone works cohesively toward the primary purpose of improving patient care. Being a part of Baycare Health System also offers a large body of available resources and opportunities outside of the hospital itself. The ability to gain a rotation in a field of interest at another Baycare site is a big advantage to completing a residency within a large healthcare system. Additionally, one can get a unique look at inter-hospital collaboration with things like P&T committees, resource matrixing, professional consultation, and policy administration.

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BayCare Medical Group welcomes board certified family physician Tenley Noone. Her office is 2525 Pasadena Ave. S, Suite U, South Pasadena. To learn more: https://bddy.me/3oYWs1l

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