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Krystyl de Villa

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I realized that the additional training beyond obtaining a PharmD degree will exponentially accelerate my growth as a clinical pharmacist. Investing in a PGY-1 residency training will afford me the opportunity to gain experience in different facets of clinical pharmacy as I build upon the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired through pharmacy school. I also believe that the practical, real-world experiences I’ll encounter during this challenging yet rewarding year will help me develop into a well-rounded, confident, and competent clinical pharmacist which is essential to delivering optimal patient-centered care.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital North at BayCare?
Having worked for BayCare as a pharmacy intern, I’ve seen firsthand how team members embody BayCare’s values and uphold its mission to set the standard for high-quality, compassionate care. Thus, I am extremely proud to be a part of the BayCare team and I knew without a doubt that I wanted to continue my service for this organization as I grow professionally. As a smaller hospital within a growing healthcare system, I truly believe that St. Joseph’s Hospital-North provides an excellent learning experience where I will have the opportunity to be exposed to different specialties and would really allow me to hone in on becoming an independent, well-rounded clinical pharmacist. I also felt that this program is a great fit for me as I value the community and family aspect of a team. I appreciate how invested the preceptors are to help me achieve my goals and the support I have received thus far is more than I could have expected. I am happy to become a part of St. Joseph’s Hospital-North family!

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