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Lisa Kerridge

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
From the very beginning of pharmacy school, I knew I wanted to practice clinical pharmacy. While I know that it is possible to become a clinical pharmacist without completing a residency, it makes obtaining a position much more difficult and certainly limits your options. Also, there is no question that the knowledge you gain during the year of residency is invaluable. I wanted this year dedicated to learning more about various aspects of clinical pharmacy, so for me there was no question of whether or not I would complete a residency, but where I would complete my residency.

Why did I choose Winter Haven Hospital at BayCare?
When you interview at a number of different hospitals, you find that while most of them have many things in common, each one is somehow unique. The main reason I chose to complete my residency at Winter Haven Hospital was because I could tell instantly that the people here truly work as a team and have each other’s backs. It was also apparent that they are very enthusiastic about their program, want their residents to enjoy their experience during their time of residency, and are willing to tailor the rotations as much as possible in order have the resident get the type of experience he or she is looking for. The preceptors here are amazing and have a lot of clinical knowledge to share! I’m very glad to have matched at Winter Haven Hospital.

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We’re excited to receive national recognition from Press Ganey for our outstanding performance in patient experience at various ambulatory and hospital facilities across the system. https://bddy.me/2IXocTZ

Dr. Richa K. Patel, board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine with a specialty in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, has joined BayCare Medical Group. Her office is at the BayCare HealthHub in Bloomingdale. Read her profile:https://bddy.me/2TuxKId

Congratulations to our hospitals that recently received recognition from @American_Heart for meeting specific quality measures that support better outcomes for heart attack and stroke patients. https://bddy.me/3mbKEqB

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