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Pavan Kullar

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
My interest in leadership and then to pursue a Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership residency started at a young age as I witnessed my father create a successful business from the ground up. Experiencing this first hand piqued my interest specifically in finance and operations, as I was constantly surrounded by it throughout my life. This paired with my passion to seek a career in health care and impact patient lives led me to pursue a Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership residency. In an administrative role, I would be presented with the opportunity to merge all of my interests and impact many more patient lives.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
There are many aspects that attracted me to BayCare including a strong clinical PGY1 year, diverse learning opportunities, and impactful research projects. For me personally, having a strong clinical experience during residency is an important factor when determining a Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership residency location. BayCare offers a wide variety of clinical rotations, but there is also still an opportunity to be engaged with the leadership team during the clinical and administrative rotations during the first year. Having opportunities to gain experience with 503B facilities is an enticing feature which not many Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership residency programs can say they share this same opportunity.

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