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Timothy McCormack

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to complete a residency to further develop my clinical skills in order to practice pharmacy in a hospital setting. As a student I really enjoyed the opportunities provided to me in my clinical rotations at various hospitals. I quickly learned I had a passion for practicing pharmacy in this setting and knew I needed further development to become the best practitioner for the patients I encounter. Additionally, residency affords me the opportunity to refine skills in areas such as research, working in teams, and continuing to develop my presentation skills.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
There are various reasons I chose to complete a residency at St. Joseph’s hospital. First and foremost the rotations offered here provided me the best opportunity to continue to build my skills as a practitioner in my areas of interest. St. Joseph’s has many different rotation sites and allowed me to tailor the residency to fit my educational needs. I am excited to have the opportunity to improve my skills as a practitioner in pediatrics and critical care. Furthermore, during my interview the team at St. Joseph’s seemed to enjoy their jobs and the work environment.  I wanted to find a practice site where I fit in with the team and could not only grow as a practitioner but have fun while doing so, and I have found that at St. Joseph’s.

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Thank you @AraizaReport of @abcactionnews for coming to St. Joseph’s Hospital-South in Riverview to interview Dr. Jerges Cardona and APRN Alexandra Patsalos about receiving Super Bowl tickets from the NFL as front line health care workers.

BayCare Medical Group proudly welcomes primary care physician Don Parish, DO. Dr. Parish’s office is at 6801 Fourth St. N, St. Petersburg. To learn more: https://bddy.me/3cbCVam

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