Our residency programs fully support the use of research within our health-system to encourage various clinical and administrative initiatives. Residents are a key contributor and are expected to complete a major research project under the supervision of the Residency Program Director as well as research committees formed at individual sites. Research projects are reviewed by each location’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval. These projects will be presented at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and the Florida Residency Conference.

Florida Residency Conference Research Presentations

2017-2018 Residency Class

ResidentSiteResearch Project
Anisel HernandezSt. Anthony’s Hospital - PGY1Impact of a physician focused educational intervention to improve appropriateness of antibiotic selection in the setting of diverticulitis: A pre‐post intervention study
Arielle RuffMorton Plant Hospital - PGY1Impact of an antimicrobial stewardship initiative to decrease the use of fluoroquinolones in the treatment of urinary tract infections in hospitalized patients
Christina Roca NelmsSt. Anthony’s Hospital - PGY1Evaluating the impact of pharmacist involvement on readmission rates in patients seen in a postdischarge multi disciplinary clinic
Heather StrouseSt. Joseph’s Hospital - PGY1Comparison of weight-based versus non-weight-based norepinephrine dosing to achieving time to goal mean arterial pressure in intensive care unit patients with septic shock
James AlcornWinter Haven Hospital - PGY1Impact of requiring therapeutic indication and length‐of‐therapy at provider order entry on institutional fluoroquinolone use
Jennifer LeeSt. Joseph’s Hospital - PGY1Enoxaparin dosing for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in low weight medical and surgical adults: a retrospective cohort review
Jessica VoWinter Haven Hospital - PGY1Impact of pharmacy interventions on 30‐day hospital readmission rates in heart failure patients
Kanika DunnSt. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital - PGY2 (pediatrics)Evaluation of continuous albuterol containing benzalkonium chloride compared to preservative free albuterol administered to pediatric asthma patients
Karlyn ScottMorton Plant Hospital - PGY1Impact of Pharmacy Implemented Procalcitonin Levels on Antibiotic Utilization in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
Kayla SuskauerSt. Joseph’s Hospital - PGY1Evaluation of systemic corticosteroid treatment duration on 30‐day hospital readmission rates of patients with acute COPD exacerbations
Liliana PimentelMease Countryside Hospital - PGY1Impact of a pharmacist‐led methicillin‐resistant Staphylococcus aureus nasal polymerase chain reaction assay protocol on the duration of antibiotic therapy for pneumonia in hospitalized patients
Mahta MahmoudiehWinter Haven Hospital - PGY1Impact of extended infusion times on the rate of carboplatin hypersensitivity reactions: a multiinstitution retrospective study
Melissa RamseyMorton Plant Turley - PGY1Pharmacist led follow‐up telephone intervention to improve medication adherence in patients with chronic medical conditions
Shirley DossSouth Florida Baptist Hospial - PGY1Stop the Flush, Stop the Rush: Leveraging smart pumps and opioid policies to slow down the opioid epidemic and reduce unnecessary admissions
Zuzana BlackwoodSt. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital - PGY1wefhwef wefwoefwef Evaluation of a standardized magnesium sulfate dosing protocol in pediatric patients with acute asthma exacerbations

2018-2019 Residency Class

ResidentSiteResearch Project
Amanda LewisSJH PGY1Safety and efficacy of hyperosmolar therapy in elevated intracranial pressure
Amanda ReidlerSJH PGY1Retrospective study of erythromycin versus azithromycin for the management of preterm prelabor rupture of membranes
Amy StricsekSJHN PGY1Opioid stewardship through a pharmacist-initiated intravenous to oral opioid protocol
Brittany HeuserSAH PGY1Fixed versus Weight‐Based Dosing of 4‐ Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for the Reversal of Vitamin‐K Antagonist: A Multi‐Center, Retrospective Analysis
Cailyn CaselliSAH PGY1Impact of penicillin allergy skin testing on antimicrobial stewardship in hospitalized patients
Daniela FernandezMPH PGY1Impact of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine on mortality in critically ill patients with severe sepsis and septic shock
Felix SanchezWHH PGY1Pharmacovigilance of preoperative antimicrobial prophylaxis in patients undergoing abdominal hysterectomy and colon resection procedure
Heather StrouseSJH PGY2 PedsComparison of SMOFlipid versus Intralipid on the incidence of parenteral nutrition‐associated liver disease in pediatric patients
Jennifer Vazquez PerezSJH PGY1Outcomes after use of four‐factor prothrombin complex concentrate for reversal of DOAC associated bleeding
Jessica LambertMCH PGY1Effect of an Indication-based Default Antibiotic Stop-date Initiative on the Duration of the Treatment for Intra-abdominal Infections
Kevin DeemerMCH PGY1Impact of Reflex Fosfomycin E-testing on the Utilization of Carbapenems for Definitive ESBL E. Coli UTI
Kihara CouvertierSAH PGY1Clinical pharmacist integration into the rapid response team at a community hospital
Lairyn KenneyMPH PGY1Evaluation of Time-to-Transition from Insulin Infusions to Subcutaneous Insulin Administration in Medical Intensive Care Units
Lisa KerridgeWHH PGY1Adenosine vs. regadenoson: a post-marketing comparison of side effects, cost, and time taken to perform cardiac stress testing: is regadenoson worth the extra cost?
Luke PomposWHH PGY1Impact of a pharmacist‐led protocol on reducing the utilization of intravenous opioid analgesics in the emergency department
Melissa JohnsonSFB PGY1Impact of a pharmacist-driven steroid step-down protocol for the treatment of acute exacerbations of COPD in hospitalized patients
Rachel CofieldTurley PGY1Coordinated physician‐pharmacist collaboration in geriatric annual wellness visits and follow‐up care
Rebecca SankhiWHH PGY1Outcomes of pharmacy based program to decrease use of sulfonylureas in hospitalized patients
Tyler NicholsMPH PGY1Evaluation of Intermittent Hydrocortisone Dosing Regimens in Septic Shock
Vicky Kang-FisherSJH PGY1Safety, efficacy, and quality of documentation of pharmacist‐directed vancomycin dosing and monitoring using DoseMeRx program
Zakary DoranSJH PGY1Evaluation of Antibiotic Administration Times after the Standardization of a Febrile Neutropenia Electronic Order Set

Professional Poster Presentations

NamePositionConferencePoster Title
Daniella Fernandez, Pharm.D.
Former MPH PGY1 Resident
2019 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
Impact of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine on mortality in critically ill patients with severe sepsis and septic shock
Kevin Deemer, Pharm.D.
Former MCH PGY1 Resident
2019 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
Impact of reflex fosfomycin E-testing on the utilization of carbapenems for definitive extended spectrum beta-lactamase Escherichia coli urinary tract infection treatment

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