Reaching out to our current residents is a great way to gain information about each particular BayCare residency program. For our featured residents, you will discover some background information regarding why our residents decided to pursue residency training as well as how they became interested in their current practice sites and programs.

Listed below are the 2019-2020 current pharmacy residents along with their contact information from each BayCare Pharmacy Residency site. Please contact residents with any questions you may have about the program.

2019 – 2020 Residency Class

Jose Tamayo

Pavan Kullar

Alex Hayes-Porter

Justin Jimmy

Caren Azurin

Holly Widell

Michele Frakenberg

Tatyana Severe

Airka Sanchez

Casey Perticone

Devika Suri

Hayato DeLellis

Mirna Yassa

Featured Residents

Ashley Miller
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at Turley Family Health Center

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
Growing up in a sport enthusiastic (aka competitive) family, striving to better yourself or your “game” was taught to me from a very young age. I knew that a post graduate pharmacy residency would be the added training that would boost my knowledge and performance as a pharmacist and allow me to better develop all of my skills.  Once I discovered my interest in ambulatory care pharmacy, it only made sense to pursue added training that built upon this passion. Many reasons went in to my decision to complete a residency but ultimately it was the fit I felt with the Turley Family Health Center staff that made me confident this route was meant for me.

Why did I choose Turley Family Health Center at BayCare?
I am not originally from Florida but the constant praise I heard from other healthcare providers and professors about Baycare hospitals inspired me to look into their pharmacy residency programs. I heard stories about the innovative techniques, devices, and medications that were being used at Baycare hospitals during my advance pharmacy practice experiences last year. I also wanted a pharmacy residency program with added experiences in ambulatory care- which Morton Plant and the Turley Family Health Center offered! After interviewing and meeting the Baycare team members, I realized this residency was a great fit for me. I knew that here I could advance my learning in a way that would make me the best pharmacist I could be and give me the foundation to pursue my career dreams.

Tu Phan
PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Resident at Morton Plant Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I initially chose to pursue a PGY1 because I knew that I wanted to work as a clinical pharmacist in an interdisciplinary setting. After completing my PGY1 at Winter Haven Hospital, I developed a great passion to work in the critical care field. The complex and high acuity nature of the pharmacotherapeutic interventions implemented, along with the considerable impact a pharmacist has on patient outcomes sparked my interest to pursue this area. Completing a PGY2 will help me further develop my clinical skills and competencies to become a knowledgeable, well-rounded critical care pharmacist.

Why did I choose Morton Plant Hospital at BayCare?
While I was a PGY1 at Winter Haven Hospital, I had the opportunity to spend some time in the medical intensive care unit at MPH. My short time at MPH was memorable. I immediately felt welcome by all the friendly pharmacy staff and other healthcare professionals. Being a larger hospital with a greater amount of critical patient populations, MPH offers more specialized services such as neuro ICU that would allow me to expand my knowledge and become an exceptional critical care pharmacy clinician. The program provides strong support and mentorship from devoted pharmacy preceptors that will help thrive as a resident and clinician.

Amanda Lewis
PGY2 (Emergency Medicine) Pharmacy Resident at St. Joseph's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I initially chose to complete a PGY-1 residency because I wanted to further expand my clinical knowledge and goals of becoming a well-rounded health care professional. After completing a PGY-1 at St. Joseph’s and having the ability to experience the fast pace and unique environment of the Emergency Department, I knew I wanted to pursue a PGY-2 in Emergency Medicine.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
I welcomed the opportunity to continue my residency career at St. Joseph’s Hospital as the first PGY-2 in Emergency Medicine. As the 5th busiest Emergency Department in the nation, I knew I was going to be exposed to a wide array of patient care experiences. The emergency department at St. Joseph’s Hospital offers a distinct team approach to patient care in which pharmacy plays a major role. The quality of the preceptors, the numerous teaching opportunities, and the great support from other health care providers ensures that I will be able to practice at the highest level in order to achieve my goals.

Nikesh Bhika
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Joseph's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
Residency provides me the opportunity to improve both professionally and personally. During rotations I worked with several seasoned pharmacists, and I realized in order to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist residency was essential.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
I chose St. Joseph’s at BayCare to the variety of rotation offerings, culture and futuristic outlook. One of my favorite aspects of St. Joseph’s is the culture with an excellent learning environment, knowledgeable preceptors and forward thinking with technological advances. With St .Joseph’s being the largest hospital in BayCare the elective rotation experience is tailored to each individual resident’s interests.

Sarah Jacob
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Joseph's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I choose residency because I love facing and overcoming new challenges. I have always believed that residency will provide me with the rigorous training that will help me develop the needed skills and knowledge to become a great clinical pharmacist. All of which will help me achieve my ultimate goal of providing exceptional patient care. It is commonly said that residency equals three years of experience and this couldn’t excite me more to complete this amazing and challenging year.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
St. Joseph’s Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Tampa, Florida and it is well known for caring, respecting and valuing all patients. This is kind of environment I wanted to be learn and grow personally and professionally at.  I joined the St. Joseph Hospital pharmacy residency program for many reasons including: the experienced and knowledgeable yet humble and welcoming pharmacy team, the variety of rotations and experiences that I will get to see, and the ability to complete rotations at any other BayCare facility. Lastly, one of my main interest is mental health and St. Joseph Hospital has a very unique and rare psych pharmacy practice at the Behavioral Health Center which I will get the great opportunity of training at soon.

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