Reaching out to our current residents is a great way to gain information about each particular BayCare residency program. For our featured residents, you will discover some background information regarding why our residents decided to pursue residency training as well as how they became interested in their current practice sites and programs.

Listed below are the 2022-2023 current pharmacy residents along with their contact information from each BayCare Pharmacy Residency site. Please contact residents with any questions you may have about the program.

2022 – 2023 Residency Class

Alexander Ignacio

Blanca Luna

Kelsi Crean

Reem Chehab

Shelby Landau

Featured Residents

Hayley Alexander
PGY1 – St. Anthony’s Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue residency to utilize the clinical knowledge I have already acquired and continue to learn through the many opportunities this program has to offer. I am looking forward to gaining new practical experiences in specialties I am less familiar with and exploring my clinical interests. Throughout this year, I hope to further develop my clinical, leadership, and critical thinking skills in order to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist and be able to provide the best care for my patients.

Why did I choose St. Anthony’s Hospital at BayCare?
Prior to applying for residency, I was familiar with BayCare’s prominent reputation within the community, which gave me confidence that St. Anthony’s would provide me with comprehensive training through their variety of rotations and experiences. During my interview, I picked up on the comradery and enthusiasm from each person right away and I could tell that they truly wanted to help me succeed and learn. Additionally, I had certain clinical interests following pharmacy school and St. Anthony’s would allow me to explore those interests further.

Daniel Acosta
PGY1 – St. Joseph’s Hospital South

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
As I was finishing up my pharmacy education I knew I wanted to be a clinical pharmacist. I also knew that the best way for me to prepare to serve the public in this role was to do post graduate education. Residency provides me the opportunity to focus my attention on specific areas of pharmacy to truly hone my skills as a clinical pharmacist and serve the community to the best of my ability.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital – South at BayCare?
St. Joseph’s Hospital – South has many of the qualities I am looking for in a PGY1 program by providing the environment of a smaller hospital with the resources of a large health system. The variety of electives available through the BayCare Health System also gives me the experience I need to explore the profession and take my first steps into my career. I also believe the environment found in St. Joseph’s Hospital – South is conducive to closer relationships with preceptors, coworkers, and prescribers leading to greater communication and trust as well as exposure to a variety of experiences ultimately giving me a wholistic understanding of the many aspects of patient care.

Jessica Alonso
PGY1 – South Florida Baptist Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to complete a residency because I had amazing experiences during my clinical rotations. I was able to gain new knowledge about the roles pharmacists play in a hospital setting. This allowed me to become more aware of the clinical skills required to take care of every patient in the hospital. I knew that a residency would allow me to gain these vital skills that are required to be a successful, competent, and confident clinical pharmacist.

Why did I choose South Florida Baptist Hospital at BayCare?
One of my clinical rotations was at South Florida Baptist Hospital and it was this group of pharmacists who convinced me to complete a residency. I wouldn’t be here without their constant support and encouragement along the way. I knew that if I completed a residency here, I would gain so much more than clinical knowledge but confidence in myself as a new practitioner. The unique environment will also allow me to work closely with other healthcare professionals in an interdisciplinary team.

Kassidy Baum
PGY2 (Ambulatory Care) – Turley Family Health Center

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to complete a PGY2 residency in ambulatory care because I have always loved creating meaningful relationships with patients. During my PGY1 my passion for patient interaction and counseling was solidified through ambulatory and transitions of care rotations. With a PGY2 I hope to broaden my knowledge of outpatient medications and disease states as well as have a positive impact on the lives of the patients I will interact with each day. 

Why did I choose Turley at BayCare?
The ambulatory care PGY2 has a variety of rotations that align with my pharmacy practice interests at the Turley Family Health Center and at the other offsite locations. I enjoy the opportunity to work closely with the family medicine residents and physicians under a collaborative practice agreement to manage various disease states. I feel that the program here will prepare me to become a well-rounded and independent ambulatory pharmacist. Also, as a New Jersey native, I look forward to spending time in the beautiful sunshine state! 

Katelyn Butler
PGY1 – Morton Plant Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to complete a residency to expand my experiences in patient care and to learn more about the opportunities available in pharmacy. I wanted to do a residency so that I could gain more hands-on practice with taking care of patients in a variety of specialties while also further developing my professional skills.

Why did I choose Morton Plant Hospital at BayCare?
I chose to do my residency at Morton Plant Hospital because of the endless opportunities available to residents and the family-like feel you get from the staff. During my residency search, I was initially intrigued by the program because of the vast variety of clinical opportunities available for the residents, but it was the welcoming demeaner from the staff and previous residents that really drew me in. By the end of the interview process, I knew Morton Plant Hospital was where I wanted to be!

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