Reaching out to our current residents is a great way to gain information about each particular BayCare residency program. For our featured residents, you will discover some background information regarding why our residents decided to pursue residency training as well as how they became interested in their current practice sites and programs.

Listed below are the 2019-2020 current pharmacy residents along with their contact information from each BayCare Pharmacy Residency site. Please contact residents with any questions you may have about the program.

2019 – 2020 Residency Class

Tu Phan

Jessica Truong

Kortney Kelly

April Courrege

Natasha Kulkarni

Kevin Moore

Megan Barber

Ryan Jenks

Jessica Miller

Amanda Tonti

David Fiumara

Graciela Meshkalla

Timothy McCormack

Jordan Sachmann

Marissa Aloyo

Nikesh Bhika

Sarah Jacob

Jennifer Vazquez Perez

Featured Residents

Monica Garcia
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at South Florida Baptist Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I decided to pursue a PGY-1 pharmacy residency because I wanted the opportunity to expand my clinical knowledge and gain valuable patient care experience in an inpatient setting. Coming from a retail background, I knew that the accelerated pace of a residency program was necessary for me to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve learned in school to real patients and clinical scenarios while allowing me to become a confident, independent member of the healthcare team.

Why did I choose South Florida Baptist Hospital at BayCare?
I realized that South Florida Baptist Hospital was the right fit for me during my PGY-1 interview. From the very first moment I stepped foot into the pharmacy I felt the close bond between all staff and I knew that I wanted to become a part of their team. Most of the clinical pharmacists have been employed at South Florida Baptist Hospital for many years which truly reflects how much they enjoy their career and culture at SFBH. Aside from that, I felt that the small size of the hospital would work to my advantage as it would allow me to have more one-on-one time with my preceptors and other healthcare providers. Since starting my residency I can say with confidence that all pharmacists here play an integral role in patient care and I have truly felt like a valued member of the team since day one. With that, I am confident that I will emerge from this program as a competent and confident clinical pharmacist!

Natasha Kulkarni
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at Mease Countryside Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I decided to complete a residency in order to build upon my clinical knowledge and establish a foundation in areas of pharmacy that I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience up to this point. While the majority of my background has been in the retail pharmacy setting, I felt that pursuing a residency would assist me in becoming a well-rounded clinician by having experience in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Why did I choose Mease Countryside Hospital at BayCare?
I chose the Mease Countryside Hospital residency program for the diverse learning experiences that aligned with my interests, as well as the overall culture of the hospital. While researching this residency and throughout the interview process, it was clear that this program is truly geared toward the resident’s interests and professional goals. I have been granted a wide variety of opportunities to expand my clinical knowledge with the guidance of trusted clinical pharmacists at our hospital. I am so grateful to be a part of a culture that feels like family here at Mease Countryside. I am confident that this PGY-1 program will allow me to flourish as a new pharmacist and help me achieve my professional goals.

Kevin Moore
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at Mease Countryside Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I knew that I wanted to practice as a clinical pharmacist and really wanted to be suited with the skills necessary to become a great practitioner, so I chose to pursue a residency to help me secure those skills. A residency allows you to practice as a pharmacist but provides extra guidance, which is very important to a new pharmacist in a new setting. I also appreciate the exposure a residency offers to such a diverse range of topics like administration, research, and various trainings that might be new to someone but critical elements in becoming an effective interdisciplinary team member. I wanted exposure to as many areas as possible while having the security of a preceptor verifying my work to ensure safety at all times. A residency provides a holistic view of the inpatient operation and provides experiences to promote growth in many areas that are critical for positive patient outcomes. I ultimately want to practice at the highest level, providing excellent patient care, along with an interdisciplinary healthcare team so I knew a residency was the right path for my goals.

Why did I choose Morton Plant Hospital at BayCare?
I was fortunate enough to have one of my APPE rotations at a BayCare institution and I was immediately magnetized by the culture and vision of this company. BayCare Health Systems has a priority to provide the best possible patient care and constantly adapts to achieve this goal. Also, team members from every single department are connected enthusiastically to achieve this goal. I had a desire to become a part of the Mease Countryside team because of the reputation this hospital has made for itself, being an IBM Top-100 hospital, as well as the multitude of functions this facility can operate within. Just to name a few areas I was impressed with were the diversity of the patient population and disease states, pediatrics, outpatient infusion center, and a high volume emergency department. Then my final decision to become a part of the Mease Countryside team came from my interaction with the preceptors and other staff during the interview process. They have such a well-rounded pharmacy department that facilitates a very strong learning environment and everyone here is committed to helping residents achieve the goal of becoming a proficient clinical pharmacist.

Marissa Aloyo
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Joseph's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I decided to complete a PGY1 residency program for the opportunity to strengthen my clinical knowledge and to gain a variety of patient care experiences in preparation for becoming a clinical pharmacist in a hospital setting.

Why did I choose St. Joseph’s Hospital at BayCare?
Throughout pharmacy school, I worked as an intern at St. Joseph’s Hospital where I had the opportunity to learn from an amazing group of clinical pharmacists. When considering residency programs, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to remain at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I knew at St. Joseph’s Hospital I would be continuously challenged and exposed to a variety of clinical practice settings that would allow me to achieve my goal of becoming a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.

David Fiumara
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Anthony’s Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to complete a residency because I wanted to further develop my clinical knowledge while gaining valuable patient care experience in a multitude of settings. During my clinical rotations I discovered that I had a desire to expand my clinical knowledge and that I deeply enjoyed and thrived in the hospital pharmacy environment. Completing a PGY1-residency will help me achieve my goal of crafting my clinical skills while becoming a clinical pharmacist.

Why did I choose St. Anthony’s Hospital at BayCare?
I chose St. Anthony’s Hospital because of the various rotational settings that were offered, the research and teaching opportunities, and the challenging environment. During the interview process I was impressed by the proactive practice to provide best patient care, the opportunities for multidisciplinary interactions, and the overall culture of the pharmacy department. Based on the interactions I had with the pharmacists that day, I knew St. Anthony’s would be a perfect fit for me.

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