Upon the completion of your pharmacy residency program at BayCare, you will join a large network of alumni that can offer opportunities and support as you build on your experiences throughout your career. See below the extensive list of alumni that can continue to help you develop both personally and professionally as you move forward.

Aimee Hobelmann - Class of 2015 - PGY1 St. Anthony's Hospital

Alex Hatzileris - Class of 2017 - PGY1 St. Anthony's Hospital

Amanda Lewis - Class of 2019

Amanda Reidler - Class of 2019

Amy Stricsek - Class of 2019

Anisel Hernandez - Class of 2017

Arielle Ruff - Class of 2018

Ashlee Colvin - Class of 2006

Athar Naif - Class of 2016

Brian Gawronski - Class of 2016

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