St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, was built with a mission – to build a hospital that always puts patients first. Continuing its tradition for more than 75 years, the 395-bed hospital is recognized as one of the area’s most respected and technologically advanced medical facilities. Founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany with a mission to serve, our team members strive to advance the level of compassionate care we provide to our patients and community.

St. Anthony’s Hospital offers advanced medical technologies and outstanding physicians who care for you as a whole person with dignity and respect. St. Anthony’s enjoys a reputation in the fields of general surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, cancer treatment, diabetes management and neurology.

St. Anthony Hospital PGY1 Pharmacy Residency

The pharmacy residency will provide a broad training experience in many areas of pharmacy practice, including critical care, emergency department, infectious disease, cardiology, oncology psychiatry, ambulatory care, administration and elective opportunities. The resident will have requirements to present formal lectures, in-services, MUE activities, formulary monographs, and complete a research project to be presented at the Florida Residency Conference. The resident will also assist with teaching fourth year pharmacy rotation students from three affiliated Colleges of Pharmacy.

Program Summary:
The adult pharmacy practice residency is designed to provide 12 full, consecutive months of training in pharmacy practice with the primary goal of producing general practitioners capable of providing pharmaceutical care to hospitalized patients. Residents will work closely with medical staff to assure rational medication prescribing, enhance patients knowledge of medications received, collaborate with and educate pharmacy students, participate in health committee membership, assure medication safety initiatives, and partner with nursing to improve the overall safety of medication use. The resident will gain experience in many areas of pharmacy practice including:

  • several medical specializations
  • infectious disease
  • oncology/hematology
  • critical care
  • emergency medicine
  • transition of care
  • therapeutic policy

Opportunities also exist for writing and speaking, MUE activities, drug use control coordination, and precepting pharmacy students. Completion of a research project is required and is to be presented at the Florida Residency Conference and a poster presentation at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.

The PGY1 residency program core rotations include:

  • Orientation
  • Hospital Administration
  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care
  • Infectious Disease
  • Emergency Medicine

Residency Special Features

  • Teaching Certificate Opportunity

Elective rotations may include:

  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Surgery and Nutrition Support
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology
  • Transitions of Care
  • Project Month

Program Benefits:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical Plan with prescription drug coverage
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Opportunity to Contribute Pre-tax Dollars to a 401 (k) Plan
  • Life Insurance, Short- and Long-Term Disability Coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage
  • Professional Travel Reimbursement
  • Team Member Services: Team members receive a discount rate on a variety of events, programs, and tickets to area attractions

Requirements for Acceptance:

  • The applicant must participate in the MATCH process
  • Online application through PhORCAS
    • Letter of intent
    • Current Curriculum Vitae
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Official transcript from all colleges of pharmacy attended
    • The applicant must possess a Pharm.D. degree from an ACPE-accredited college of pharmacy
  • The applicant must have active Florida Pharmacist License within 90 days of the residency start date
  • The applicant must participate in an on-site interview

Application Process:
Residency candidates should submit all requirements for acceptance through the PhORCAS website.  Once submitted, applications will be reviewed and candidates will be selected for on-site interviews.  After the interviews are completed, a rank list will be submitted to ASHP via the National Matching Service.  The ASHP Resident Matching Program will provide the program with the matched candidates.

Deadline to apply for the 2021-2022 residency class:  January 10, 2021

Apply Now

Program Leader

William Braun, PharmD
St. Anthony’s Hospital
1200 Seventh Ave. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705


Availability M-F 7am-4pm


Arun Abraham
PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at St. Anthony's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue a residency because I wanted to serve as a clinician that provides quality care to my patients similar to those who helped my family in the past. My experiences during my APPE rotations only confirmed my passion and allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation for clinical pharmacy. I witnessed firsthand the impact clinical pharmacists have in healthcare. As patient care always progresses, the role of a pharmacist becomes more important. A residency program provides me the opportunity to develop my critical thinking, leadership, and clinical knowledge to keep up with advancement of patient-centered care. It allows me to take the next step toward my goal to help make a positive impact to those in need.

Why did I choose St. Anthony’s Hospital at BayCare?
I was fortunate enough to have my first APPE rotation at a BayCare facility. I gained a greater respect for the BayCare system as a whole and how highly they prioritized patient care. It solidified my decision to pursue a residency program within BayCare. St. Anthony’s embodies the ideals of a residency that matched my goals. After speaking with the past residents and current preceptors, it was clear that the program is dedicated to the development of its residents by fostering an environment with the necessary knowledge and experience to become the standard quality of a clinical pharmacist.


Fotaq Merkaj
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Anthony's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
At the start of my pharmacy school career, my intentions were like many other pharmacy students who have a long history of retail experience. I was eager to learn and retain everything I could, graduate, and start my career as a retail pharmacist. These intentions, as they do for many students, changed quickly. I developed a strong interest in clinical pharmacy throughout pharmacy school and my clinical rotations. It became clear to me that I wanted to get the most out of my degree after graduation and a residency program was my method of doing so.

Why did I choose St. Anthony’s Hospital at BayCare?
Growing up in the Tampa Bay area and hearing about BayCare’s strong reputation for patient care led me to investigate the residency programs they offered. I came across St. Anthony’s program, which I was already familiar with. St. Anthony’s Hospital was my first exposure to clinical pharmacy during my 2nd year of pharmacy school and it was one of the most rewarding rotations I completed. Their residency program offered core rotations that I was most interested in and had unique elective opportunities, as well. After speaking with the previous residents and hearing their excitement about the program, I knew that St. Anthony’s at BayCare would be a great fit for me.

Haithuy Pham
PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at St. Ahthony's Hospital

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue postgraduate training to accelerate my patient-centered care, clinical judgement, and problem-solving skills beyond that of an entry-level pharmacist. Residencies provide ample of opportunities for new pharmacists to overcome their weaknesses, while uncovering their hidden talents or passion for certain specialties. In addition to clinical development, personal growth is just as important to me. Residencies are designed to build confidence, leadership, and innovation. My goals are to embody these qualities and find a specialty at the end of postgraduate training.

Why did I choose St. Anthony’s Hospital at BayCare?
From my very first interaction I could tell that the pharmacy team at St. Anthony’s Hospital genuinely cared for their residents. During my interview process I truly felt welcomed and at home among the team members. The preceptors displayed professionalism and enthusiasm in helping their residents navigate through their residency journey. I chose St. Anthony’s Hospital because I wanted to be a part of their altruistic culture and learn from some of the best pharmacists. I believe that I can achieve my professional and personal goals with the help and support of this team by my side.


Graciela Meshkalla - Class of 2020

David Fiumara - Class of 2020

Amanda Tonti - Class of 2020

Aimee Hobelmann - Class of 2015 - PGY1 St. Anthony's Hospital

Alex Hatzileris - Class of 2017 - PGY1 St. Anthony's Hospital

Anisel Hernandez - Class of 2017

Brittany Heuser - Class of 2019

Cailyn Caselli - Class of 2019

Carolyn Hill - Class of 2011

Christina Roca Nelms - Class of 2018

Christine Pham - Class of 2014

Devin Steiner - Class of 2017

Kihara Couvertier - Class of 2019

Melanie Solone - Class of 2012

Nitha Chou - Class of 2013

Saurabh Narkhede - Class of 2015

Spencer Horst - Class of 2016

Tammy Pham - Class of 2014

Wonhee So - Class of 2013

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