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Madell Nedd

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
My desire for patient centered care is what ultimately attracted me to complete a residency. Residency offers the opportunity to be trained by pharmacists practicing at the top of their licensure, which would allow me to gain practical knowledge while obtaining exposure to different areas of pharmacy to further establish my clinical foundation.

Why did I choose Winter Haver Hospital at BayCare?
There are many attributes to why I chose Winter Haven Hospital Ambulatory Care Residency as my top choice. I had the privilege to work at Winter Haven Hospital as an intern during my pharmacy school matriculation, as well as complete a 6-month APPE block. During this time, my passion for ambulatory care grew as I worked closely with the Transition of Care team counseling and helping patients navigate their medication concerns. I was able to witness first hand the expertise of the clinical pharmacist and their zeal for patient care. This essential helped confirm why I wanted to be a part of this clinical team.

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