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Menna Badawi

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue a PGY1 residency to build on foundational knowledge gained through the pharmacy school curriculum. I learned through prior pharmacy experiences that direct patient care in the hospital setting fulfills my aspirations to become a clinical pharmacist. Being highly involved in an interdisciplinary team aligns with my future career goals. Residency training offers the opportunity to become a well-rounded practitioner as well as accelerate my professional growth. A structured training program offers a variety of learning experiences that help expand research, leadership, and clinical skills.

Why did I choose Mortan Plant Hospital at BayCare?
The pharmacy residency program at Morton Plant Hospital encompasses all the aspects of rigorous training I am seeking in a PGY1. Core rotations offer strong exposure to fundamental internal medicine concepts. The variety of elective rotations also provides opportunities to explore interest areas and ensures experiencing other areas outside of my particular practice interests. Although these learning experiences may be provided by other residency programs, I instantly knew upon interviewing and meeting the welcoming pharmacy department members that Morton Plant is where I want to gain this training. Additionally, being part of the BayCare Health System provides for a supportive workplace with vast growth opportunities.

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