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Karlena Cahill

Why did I choose to complete a residency?
I chose to pursue a pharmacy residency program to fuel my professional growth as a clinical pharmacist. Upon graduation I wanted to elevate my skills and knowledge base beyond the student level and I saw residency as a way to bridge that gap between student to independent pharmacist. A residency program will provide invaluable opportunities to enhance my skills, expand my clinical knowledge, and refine my patient care abilities. Through a residency, I can evolve into a skilled clinical pharmacist capable of positively impacting medication therapy outcomes.

Why did I choose Mortan Plant Hospital at BayCare?
I chose to do my residency at Morton Plant Hospital because I felt Morton Plant’s program supported me and my future professional goals. I chose Morton Plant Hospital pharmacy residency program due to its rotation opportunities, commitment to excellence in clinical pharmacy practice, and its reputation as a supportive environment. The program’s strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based medicine, and patient-centered care aligns perfectly with my professional goals and values. The program’s comprehensive curriculum and supportive atmosphere will empower me to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.

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St. Joseph's Hospital-North's Samantha received a prestigious, national @DAISY4Nurses award. Sam was nominated by a patient, a new Mom at the Lutz hospital, who experienced complications after giving birth. The Mom was touched by the comforting care and compassion Sam provided.


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St. Joseph's Hospital-South set its record in August 2023 for the number of babies delivered! The Riverview hospital delivered 197 babies last month topping its previous best of 184 in November 2021. Check out maternity team members celebrating with the #1 symbol! Is 200+ next?


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